Live Adventure was started in 2005 when Branndon and Greg Bargo decided to go on a trip of a lifetime. They had worked as investment analysts in the real estate market, had a stint as oil and gas executives, and traded in the forex market. Both also had athletic backgrounds playing international football, rugby, and competed in Skeleton with the hopes of making the 2006 Olympic games.  They wanted to do something no one had done before, so they came up with the “Summit to Sea Expedition”, climb Mt. McKinley in Alaska, bicycle 4,000 miles to Baja Mexico and stop off in California to scuba dive with great white sharks. While on this expedition they put together a plan to create a unique company that would incorporate their passion for the outdoors, their business experience and love for diverse cultures in remote areas.

Live Adventure is based in Texas and offers local experiences such as rock climbing and kayak rentals, as well as their travel division which offers international trips to unique and remote areas.



Bargo Brothers

The Bargo Brothers live for adventure. When they are not kayaking, mt biking, or rock climbing  in Texas with Live Adventure they are traveling the globe looking for the toughest challenges in the most remote places. Their extensive experience, and expertise is often called upon by media outlets, and television shows to consult, advise, and …

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