One Blood Initiative

One Blood Initiative was founded by Live Adventure President, Branndon Bargo. It has both local and global operations. Our local mission is to work with communities in Texas to provide unique opportunities in the outdoors to inner city children. We were recently selected by the Texas Parks and Wildlife to receive a $50,000 Community Outdoor Outreach Grant.

Our global mission is to eradicate malaria from Africa and eventually the world. Our focus is bringing together already existing and successful malaria organizations and trying to facilitate the process.  

The connection between our local and global mission is summed up in one sentence: ideas have consequences. Ideas can take you into poverty or out of poverty, ideas can change communities, cultures and the world. If you believe that you will always remain in poverty, and that things will always remain the same then they will. But if inner city kids, or people in African villages take hold that they control their history then hope is alive.